Manufacturing process

PlastiWell combines know-how in many different technologies to provide an unlimited choice of possibilities and a wide range of products (objects of all sizes, finished, semi-finished, simple or complex shapes).
Our multiple technologies allow us to share our know-how and thus provide our customers with innovative solutions and meet their specifications.

  • Tonnage
    25→2,300 Tonnes
  • Tonnage
    over 200

  • Tonnage
    Manufacturing processes
process technologie

Our technology

INJECTION : In one operation, material is heated and then introduced under pressure into a closed mould. Gas injection, bi-injection, IML, insert over-moulding, silicone and large parts etc. 
THERMOCOMPRESSION : An evolving technique which allows production of appearance and semi-structural pieces by compressing the material between two moulds.
VACUUM FORMING : A second transformation technique which involves heating and vacuum-sucking material to produce the shape of the metal mould.
EXTRUSION : Continuous transformation process which involves introducing the plastic into a heating cylinder which is pushed by a worm screw to give it its shape.
Sellerie & Garnissage
INDUSTRIAL UPHOLSTERY : it includes a set of operations (development, manufacture, assembly etc), working with flexible materials such as leather and tissue.
Moulage au contact
HAND LAY-UP : Fully manual process which consists of arranging the layers of reinforcing material and resin successively, following by removal of any air. 
Composite RTM
RTM / “Resin Transfer Moulding”: Low-pressure injection of liquid resin into a mould. Production of reproducible, high quality parts in large series.
Composite SMC
SMC / “Sheet Moulding Compound”: Semi-finished product (resin, mineral fillers and fibreglass reinforcement) compressed at high pressure. Can resist temperatures from -30°C to 200°C.
INFUSION : Fibre impregnation process by vacuum. A "vacuum tarp" is placed on the mould to evacuate the air and force the resin into a dry fabric stack.